Vote for the new CNNC logo

The Canadian Network of North Carolina has created a poll so the membership can vote for the group’s new logo!  There are three variations of the same design (see below) and all of them can be used with or without the group name next to it.


Explanation of the design and its variations:
The three main features could be part of a maple leaf, or it could be three people with out-stretched arms representing a network of individuals coming together or interacting. The star and colors represent those in the NC flag.  The idea is to show Canadians interacting together in North Carolina. The reason for the incomplete third leaf is to represent the white in the NC flag (Option 1).

In option 2, the incomplete third leaf has a yellow outline, yellow being a colour in the NC flag as well.  As the third primary colour yellow represents foundation.

Option 3 shows the third leaf solidly colored in red.

Once you’ve mulled this over,  click on your favourite option in the poll below!  The poll will close automatically one week from December 11.