About Us

The Canadian Network of North Carolina was established in 2017 through the merger of the Canadian Business Association of North Carolina (CBA-NC) and CanSouth, a social group for Canadians living and working in North Carolina, forming a new group to comprehensively serve Canadians in the Triangle area and the state.

We’re a social bunch who gather to celebrate Canadian holidays, eat poutine or cheer our sports teams chasing the Stanley Cup, Grey Cup and Olympic medals. We celebrate our diverse Canadian heritage by hosting the Canada Booth at the Raleigh International Festival. We also host professional networking events, providing  a forum where business leaders meet to share knowledge and build awareness of the significance of the U.S.-Canadian relationship as well as to create new cross-border relationship and/or build on existing cross-border relationships. The Canadian Network of North Carolina provides access to information pertinent to Canadians living and working in North Carolina.

The CNNC is led by a team of Canadians, all volunteers, who strive to provide the Canadian expat community with social and professional networking opportunities.

Interested in volunteering with the CNNC Leadership Team?  Send us an email!