Eating poutine in NC

Canadians across North Carolina, we need your help!  We are working to expand the resources available on our website… and we want to include a list of restaurants, food trucks and other places across the state that serve that great Canadian delicacy on their regular menu!

If there is such a place in your town, please send us an email with the name of the restaurant, its website and the town it’s located in. On your mark. Get set. Poutine!


Bottledog Bite and Brews:
They have 5 different kinds of poutine, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and beaver tails!


Motorco – Parts & Labor
They have ‘Canadian poutine’ and ‘Masala poutine’…

Town Hall Burger & Beer
Just look for ‘Fries poutine’ on their menu


Oak and Dagger
They have poutine made with waffle fries.

SURF CITY (Topsail Beach)

It’s legit. Owned by a Quebec man and wife. Good people. (They have 4 kinds of poutine.)


Zito Pizzeria & Grill
Owners are originally from Montreal.