Canada Booth

Canada has been represented at the Raleigh International Festival every year since 2010.  We host a cultural booth that interprets the annual theme of the festival as pertaining to Canada. In 2017, Terry Fox, Viola Desmond, Tommy Prince and Captain Canuck were featured at the Booth along with several other Canadian heroes and superheroes. (The theme was Heroes from Around the World.)

Wonderful Canadian volunteers take shifts hosting the booth during the three days of the festival. Each volunteer is given a pass that grants them free access to everything the festival has to offer before or after their shift on the day they are volunteering.

The Canada Booth is made possible by the generous support of the Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta.

Want to join Team Canada for the 2018 Festival? Simply contact the Canada Booth Committee at canadabooth.cnnc (a)  We will let you know when we start scheduling!

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