Volunteer with CNNC

Canadian Network of North Carolina (CNNC) offers great volunteer opportunities to serve the Canadian community in North Carolina. All CNNC volunteers must be Canadian and members of CNNC, should be enthusiastic and proactive, work well individually or in a group, and are requested to respond to email promptly.

If you are interested, please contact us. Tell us a little bit about yourself and in which manner you wish to contribute to CNNC. See below for current volunteer opportunities.


We are seeking new volunteers to join the leadership team and assist in facilitating events or helping out with the day to day running of the group. All leadership team volunteers meet a couple of times a year, either in person or online. We are currently seeking volunteers with talent and expertise in the following area:

President leads the leadership team during the course if its activities and is also the ‘face’ of CNNC when dealing with other organisations and groups, including the Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta. Occasionally, a Consular Liaison Officer or a Vice President can assist the President in these endeavours when there is someone interested in either of these roles. (The President can also sign cheques.)

Treasurer oversees the CNNC bank account, signs cheques, and reimburses expenses incurred during CNNC activities. 

Communications Officer is responsible for checking CNNC email and responding to queries, and forward to specific team members if necessary, sharing CNNC event and activities details via email blasts and social media, and sending info to webmaster for anything to be posted on the CNNC website.

Webmaster is responsible for posting new material to the CNNC website and updating pages when required. (This position can be combined with another if necessary.)

Currently dormant roles can be reactivated when there are enough volunteers to fill the top 3 leadership positions. These roles include Vice President, Consular Liaison (this position is filled but remains dormant until the new consular team is in place in the fall 2021), Event Coordinator, and Canada Booth/Cultural Outreach Chair (this position is active only when CNNC participates in cultural events at the discretion of the Leadership Team). 


Members at Large are volunteers who have offered to assist the Leadership Team in myriad ways when needed, typically with events.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Leadership Team in other areas, please contact us indicating where you think you could have an impact and help the group.