Volunteer with CNNC

Canadian Network of North Carolina (CNNC) offers great volunteer opportunities to serve the Canadian community in North Carolina. All CNNC volunteers must be Canadian and members of CNNC, should be enthusiastic and proactive, work well individually or in a group, and are requested to respond to email promptly.

If you are interested, please send us an email via the Join/Contact Us page on our website. Tell us a little bit about yourself and in which manner you wish to contribute to CNNC. See below for current volunteer opportunities.


We are seeking new volunteers to join the leadership team and assist in facilitating events or helping out with the day to day running of the group. All leadership team volunteers meet a couple of times a year, either in person or online. We are currently seeking volunteers with talent and expertise in the following area:

Event Coordinator CNNC strives to offer the Canadian community in The Triangle various types of social and professional networking opportunities, whether it’s a Canada Day celebration or a professional gathering. We eventually want to offer information sessions that would benefit Canadians living in the US.  We seek a volunteer who has a flexible schedule and can participate in the majority of the events. The Event Coordinator will work with the President, Social Media Coordinator, Communications Officer, Marketing Coordinator, among others.

Marketing Coordinator CNNC is working to promote itself to Canadians all over North Carolina and to find sponsors for high profile events, such as Canada Day. We seek a Canadian with an interest or experience in this area. The Marketing Coordinator will work with the President, Treasurer, Social Media Coordinator, and event/project coordinators, among others.

Information Scout CNNC strives to find and provide information pertinent to all Canadians in North Carolina. We seek a volunteer who can take the lead in the search for information relevant to CNNC, either by surfing the web (or other sources) or by contacting the membership for feedback. The Information Scout will work with the Web Coordinator and Communications Officer, among others.

Web Coordinator CNNC has an important web presence where event details are presented and information pertinent to Canadians can be found. We are seeking a volunteer familiar with WordPress who can coordinate web content (creating or modifying pages as well as posting on the blog).  The Web Coordinator will work with the Social Media Coordinator, Sports Correspondent, Communications Officer, and event/project coordinators, among others.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Leadership Team in other areas, please send us an email indicating where you think you could make a difference and help the group.



CNNC also offers project-specific volunteer opportunities. Project volunteers are part of a project committee and may be required to meet (in person or online) during the planning of the event. Volunteers may also be required to attend the event and lead activities at said event.

Cultural Pop Up: Canada

CNNC is partnering up with the City of Raleigh to host a Cultural Pop Up event about Canada for their Cultural Outreach and Engagement Program. We are forming a committee to plan and host this program, and are seeking Canadians in The Triangle to develop family-friendly activities that promote the diverse cultures of Canada, from sea to sea to sea! We plan to have a French component and we encourage French Canadians to sign up to help develop this content. If you are familiar with Inuktitut and its writing system, we would be very interested to hear from you!