Canada Cricket Club in NC on Sept. 19-26

Canada Cricket Club has been selected to play in the ICC 2020 World Cup qualifiers being held in North Carolina on Sept 19-26, 2018. The tournament will be held at Church Street Park located at 5800 Cricket Pitch Way in Morrisville. Canada will be playing matches against the national teams from USA, Panama and Belize. This event is free and the game calendar is available online.

The organizers would love to see Triangle Canadians attend the event to support the team.

Learn more about the qualifiers from this ESPN story.

CNNC Poutine Project

Canadians across North Carolina, we need your help!  We are working to expand the resources available on our website… and we want to include a list of restaurants, food trucks and other places across the state that serve that great Canadian delicacy on their regular menu!

If there is such a place in your town, please send us an email with the name of the restaurant, its website and the town in which it is located. (You can use the email form in the Contact Us page.) Check under Eating Poutine in NC in the CNNC Resources tab to see if the place you’re thinking about has already been submitted.

On your mark. Get set. Poutine!

CNNC Leadership Team is seeking an event coordinator!

We are looking for an enthusiastic Canadian who is interested in coordinating CNNC events throughout the year, whether it’s Third Thursday Networking, Canada Day or other networking gatherings.

The CNNC event coordinator will contributed event ideas, contact venues, set up registration or ticket sales using Eventbrite, recruit hosts for events, write up promo blurbs for the CNNC website and social media, and help with survey or membership emails regarding these events as well as attend said events whenever their schedule permits. The event coordinator is considered a full member of the CNNC Leadership Team and will work closely with the president and social media coordinator.

The best candidate will work well both independently and as part of team, will contribute to discussions and respond quickly to emails, and will attend the rare CNNC meetings.  They will also have sufficient volunteer time to devote to the various tasks required for the coordination of CNNC events (time varies based on number or size of events at any given time).

Interested Canadians should send the CNNC Leadership Team an email introducing themselves and describing the skills and interests they possess to successfully coordinate CNNC events.

Please contact us before June 11.

Canadian jazz artist Laila Biali is in Durham on Saturday

Looking for something Canadian to do this weekend?
Canadian crossover jazz artist Laila Biali, who has toured with Sting, Chris Botti, Paula Cole and Suzanne Vega, has recently released a new album, which debuted at #1 on iTunes Canada and #7 on iTunes USA.  She is inviting the Canadian expat community of The Triangle to celebrate with her on Saturday at Sharp 9 Gallery, 4608-L Industry Lane, Durham, NC 27713. Tickets for this event can be purchased online.

I’ll be playing an album release show at Sharp 9 Gallery this Saturday, March 10 at 8 pm. We’ll also be performing a number of songs from the Great Canadian Songbook including covers of Joni Mitchell, Feist, k.d. Lang and Neil Young.

We hope you can come celebrate with us!


CNNC social media update

The Canadian Network of North Carolina now has its own social media outlets and all CanSouth and CBA-NC accounts will be closed.

We have a new Facebook page, a public profile where we post CNNC news and upcoming events as well as other Canadian content. Canadians and other who like Canada are invited to follow us. If you haven’t transferred over, look for Canadian Network of NC on Facebook.

In the recent member survey, 70% of respondents expressed the desire for a private discussion board. The Canadian Network of NC has thus created a closed moderated Facebook group as an extension of the public Facebook page. It is a place to talk with fellow Canadians living in NC and ask questions about immigration, taxes, US banking, healthcare and personal experiences. This page is restricted to Canadians living in NC and there will be three questions to answer to join. You will be accepted within 24 hours.

We also have a new LinkedIn group, under the name Canadian Network of North Carolina (CNNC). Select the option that says ‘group’ because a business page was inadvertently created and is still available even though it was deleted. Our LinkedIn page is for Canadians living and/or working in North Carolina.

If not on social media, Canadians living in NC can sign up for our mailing list—which is our de facto member list—to keep up with news and networking events. Join the CNNC and our mailing list by sending us an email via the Contact Us page of our website.

You can also receive email notifications each time we post to our blog. Anybody can follow us; simply click the Follow button on and enter your email address.

We’re very grateful that you’ve stuck with us during the merger process. We invite you to join our new outlets if you haven’t already done so and we hope to see you soon at a networking event!