Leadership team seeking communications officer

We are looking for an enthusiastic Canadian who is interested in helping CNNC keep in touch with its members in The Triangle and across the state.

The CNNC communications officer will respond to CNNC email as well as compose and send newsletters using Mail Chimp. The communications officer is considered a full member of the CNNC Leadership Team and will work closely with the president, events coordinator and social media coordinator to promote various activities and share information with the membership.

The best candidate will work well both independently and as part of team, will contribute to discussions, meet deadlines, and respond quickly to emails, will feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance from other team members, and will attend the rare CNNC meetings. They will also have enough volunteer time to devote to the various tasks required of the communications officer (time varies based on the number of emails received and when a newsletter is required). Familiarity with various online communication tools and excellent written communications skills are required.

Interested Canadians should send the CNNC Leadership Team an email introducing themselves and describing the skills and interests they possess to successfully get the CNNC message out to Canadians in North Carolina.

Please contact us by October 31.

Monarch Migration Family Event on Oct 20

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, in partnership with the Consulate General De México in Raleigh and the Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta, is pleased to present this free event celebrating the monarch butterfly migration across Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Monarch Migration
Saturday, October 20
11:00am – 2:00pm

Event Schedule

11:00am–12:45pm: Butterfly crafts and family activities led by artist Lety Alvarez.
11:45am–12:30pm: “Flight of the Butterflies 3D” (Spanish version).
12:45pm–1:00pm: Dance group performance by Baile Folklórico Vicky.
1:00pm–1:40pm: Remarks & Presentations (listed below).
1:40pm–2:00pm: “Flight of the Butterflies 3D” (English version).

For more details, visit


ROCA: Registration of Canadians Abroad

Please see this important message from the Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta:

In order for the Government of Canada to help you in times of emergency, we need to know where you are and how to communicate with you.

The Department of Global Affairs Canada operates a Registration of Canadians Abroad service for Canadians travelling or residing abroad. The ROCA registry allows the Department to contact Canadians to offer urgent advice during a natural disaster, civil unrest, or to inform them of a family emergency at home. Registration is voluntary, and personal information provided on the registration form is used in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act. You may register online at:

We encourage you to stay connected to the latest travel advice and advisories, and can find our emergency contact information at also available via our mobile Travel smart application or by subscribing to RSS feeds .  You can also follow us on Twitter at or find us on Facebook at

Canadians seeking emergency consular assistance in the area should contact the Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta at 1-844-880-6519 or, or after-hours, the Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa directly at +1 613 996 8885 (collect calls are accepted where available).  An email can also be sent to

Please pass this information along to any Canadians you know and encourage them to register with Registration of Canadians Abroad.

Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta
1175 Peachtree St NE, 100 Colony Square, Suite 1700
Atlanta, GA 30361
Facebook:  CanadainAtlanta
Twitter: CanCGAtlanta
(Territory: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)

Canada Cricket Club in NC on Sept. 19-26

Canada Cricket Club has been selected to play in the ICC 2020 World Cup qualifiers being held in North Carolina on Sept 19-26, 2018. The tournament will be held at Church Street Park located at 5800 Cricket Pitch Way in Morrisville. Canada will be playing matches against the national teams from USA, Panama and Belize. This event is free and the game calendar is available online.

The organizers would love to see Triangle Canadians attend the event to support the team.

Learn more about the qualifiers from this ESPN story.

CNNC Poutine Project

Canadians across North Carolina, we need your help!  We are working to expand the resources available on our website… and we want to include a list of restaurants, food trucks and other places across the state that serve that great Canadian delicacy on their regular menu!

If there is such a place in your town, please send us an email with the name of the restaurant, its website and the town in which it is located. (You can use the email form in the Contact Us page.) Check under Eating Poutine in NC in the CNNC Resources tab to see if the place you’re thinking about has already been submitted.

On your mark. Get set. Poutine!