Canada Cricket Club in NC on Sept. 19-26

Canada Cricket Club has been selected to play in the ICC 2020 World Cup qualifiers being held in North Carolina on Sept 19-26, 2018. The tournament will be held at Church Street Park located at 5800 Cricket Pitch Way in Morrisville. Canada will be playing matches against the national teams from USA, Panama and Belize. This event is free and the game calendar is available online.

The organizers would love to see Triangle Canadians attend the event to support the team.

Learn more about the qualifiers from this ESPN story.

Charlotte Network: Meetup on Feb 10

Canadians Living in Charlotte, NC, are meeting at Amelie’s for coffee on February 10 at 2pm.
Check out their Facebook page and their Meetup group.

(Please contact the organizers of the Canadians Living in Charlotte, NC, with any query related to this event or the group.)