CNNC has a New Webmaster

After a lengthy search, CNNC has confirmed our new webmaster, Frank DiMauro. He replaces Dominique Bischof who has served in this capacity for several years and for which CNNC is very grateful. Frank, originally from Montreal, Quebec, moved to NC with his young family in 1989 and has lived in Chapel Hill ever since. As Marketing-Communications Manager, he served as the first webmaster for the Area Health Education Centers of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine and developed one of the School’s first websites in 1994. Frank then moved on to UNC Hospitals, and expanded its nascent online presence from a single website and a few pages, to a full-fledged series of domains and sub-domains, comprising over a half-dozen websites. Frank also spearheaded training at UNC Health Care for dozens of content managers on the use of an open-source content management system he helped install and update as needed. Frank is now retired with his wife Shelley, a former nurse and clinical research project manager, also from Quebec.