event coordinator

CNNC Leadership Team is seeking an event coordinator!

We are looking for an enthusiastic Canadian who is interested in coordinating CNNC events throughout the year, whether it’s Third Thursday Networking, Canada Day or other networking gatherings.

The CNNC event coordinator will contributed event ideas, contact venues, set up registration or ticket sales using Eventbrite, recruit hosts for events, write up promo blurbs for the CNNC website and social media, and help with survey or membership emails regarding these events as well as attend said events whenever their schedule permits. The event coordinator is considered a full member of the CNNC Leadership Team and will work closely with the president and social media coordinator.

The best candidate will work well both independently and as part of team, will contribute to discussions and respond quickly to emails, and will attend the rare CNNC meetings.  They will also have sufficient volunteer time to devote to the various tasks required for the coordination of CNNC events (time varies based on number or size of events at any given time).

Interested Canadians should send the CNNC Leadership Team an email introducing themselves and describing the skills and interests they possess to successfully coordinate CNNC events.

Please contact us before June 11.